About us

Welcome to Alpha Hardware

One of Pakistan’s leading pioneers in builders’ hardware and other home products since 1982. We  provide our customers with high quality products from all around the globe namely Austria, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain & more! We deal in: - Hardware - Flooring - Tiles - Bath Products - Kitchens - Accessories - Appliances.Our product ranges come from world renown companies such as BLUM, EGGER, ITALGRANITI, KRONOTEX, NOVABELL, & PYRAMIS.
Our company caters to all home builders who are looking for high quality products, reasonable prices, and the latest trends. 
We here at Alpha Hardware look after our customers ensuring that they are greeted warmly and easily find the perfect products for their perfect homes.

Looking for unique wall, floor, and exterior tiles?

Well look no further! With original Italian and Spanish tiles, your homes will be made unique by ceramic and porcelain coverings, striking colour effects achieved by combining tiles and decorations, kitchen floor and wall coverings, exclusive surfaces for living areas, stylish, trendy solutions for bathrooms - and countless other solutions, left to your imagination

What about attractive boards for your Kitchens, Wardrobes and even Features wall Areas?

Give every room in your home a personality of its own with the limitless variery of sheets available at Alpha Hardware. From Glossy boards to matt boards to even Embossed 3D boards. The Sky is no longer the limit. Have your choice from the Worlds Leading Board Manufacturer Egger and experience the highest standard of quality.

How about eye-catching wooden flooring?

Kronotex provides you with the ultimate German laminate flooring solution. With German technology, quality and superior asthetics it is an undisputed fact that KRONOTEX laminate floors are not only environmentally sound and sustainable, but also extremely healthy and user-friendly.

Our Values

- Honesty
- Customer Satisfaction
- Competitive Pricing
- Operational Efficiency 
- High Quality Standards
- Product Innovation